Issue No. 1

Released / December 2015

Swollen is not what we ever mean. Moon, instead. Moon, like, Moon the first time we ever made it there & joy was said but fear wasn’t.

Excerpt taken from ‘Inject / Extract / Inject / Extract’ by Dalton Day.

  1. For No Reason at All

    Bought cemetery daisies for the concrete vase.

  2. Of Dog and Flower

    One moment you were prey: head full of blossoms.

  3. Opacity : 1

    What else is there to take comfort in?

  4. Ancient History

    Truth-salt amalgam stuck to your tongue.

  5. Inject / Extract / Inject / Extract

    The wind wants to make a sound.

  6. One Day in the Life of

    The title is my unifying point.

  7. The Art of

    I am constantly wondering what can be painted.

  8. Sleeps

    September falls into October and paper stays paper.

  9. An Interview with

    If I remember this, I am not dreaming.

  10. Wick

    Let’s split it down the middle, like we always do.

  11. Two Stories

    Everyone’s gone away to the orange lights.

  12. Ucluelet ’94

    I walk now in the still absence of wind.

  13. Say Maybe, the Lake

    Say seven times seven equals the number of stars.

  14. With(out) Roots

    There was this empty pool sitting inside my chest.

  15. A Brightness in Everything

    There should be a word for things like that.

  16. In February

    Turning dust to luster, pulling the shadows long.

  17. Three Little Words

    If not for waiting, I wouldn’t think of time at all.

  18. For Edna

    Even then, there is something in us all to be collected.