Issue No. 10

Released / October 2017

Halfway between Sanggang, the fall of frost, and Ipdong, the onset of winter—the harvest is done, the trees and grass yellowing.

Excerpt taken from ‘The End of October’ by Hyejung Kook.

  1. [ summer / winter ] is the worst …

    learning the shape of an unfamiliar body.

  2. Toward Some Dark

    this is how we arrive at clarity.

  3. Fall Back into Place

    Maybe that place was happiness.

  4. An Interview with

    I thought of it as painting pictures with words.

  5. the word

    but I called the hollow holy.

  6. To Basquiat

    When all that will end finally ends.

  7. A Man Misplaced

    a dreamscape in the negative.

  8. The End of October

    he is always crying for the moon.

  9. Figure-Ground

    the north shore of your shoulder.

  10. VIII.

    realize what it is to be a body without a world.

  11. Two poems

    making motion out of a world of still.

  12. Urban Tumbleweed

    questions the weight of brass arrows.

  13. Seeing in the Dark

    I’m staring into the long tunnel of the dark.

  14. Yellow, Lost

    Those moons, bereaved. The hours.

  15. Three Poems

    Sometimes it burns as an ember.

  16. Ode to My Mother’s Hair

    the shape of things I cannot say.

  17. Two Poems

    my shadow is the guilt of having survived.

  18. Yesterday Is a Wild Parrot

    the ocean a bracing surge into the future.

  19. Two Poems

    unfurling like paper crumpled in reverse.

  20. Two Poems

    draw a world in the language of want.

  21. Two Poems

    i have seen trees i could not hear.