Issue No. 11

Released / December 2017

According to our hymn, for which I recall the words, not the melody, we’re tossed and driven on the restless sea of time, and somehow we’ll come to wisdom.

Excerpt taken from ‘Vigil’ by Korey Williams.

  1. Two Poems

    our bodies still smell like rain.

  2. Two Poems

    No space for swallows between lances.

  3. Stage Directions for Wearing …

    There is no gift greater than fire.

  4. Dead Trees

    we stared at the age of each other.

  5. This Way Home

    Such wild and daring youth.

  6. Godspeed

    the air’s vibrations like a bat.

  7. Two Poems

    I joined the blue, I was blue.

  8. Of Those Who Can’t Afford to …

    I’ll pretend my shadow doesn’t hunt.

  9. Two Poems

    stories begin in the throat.

  10. Two Poems

    the seed of light you imagine.

  11. Sweet Life

    I lost an ocean of heartache.

  12. Two Poems

    You cannot see your body as cells.

  13. An Interview with

    I always have a few things incubating.

  14. How a City Vanishes

    a night lowering its curtain of curfew.

  15. Turns

    One of us will grapple at memories.

  16. Nuke

    every time you blink something is gone.

  17. Where the Lightning Strikes …

    There is a volatile and sacred nature to being.

  18. Vigil

    Late snow gathers on the pane.

  19. This morning, a hummingbird …

    its small body stunned and heaving.

  20. Two Poems

    I am an heirloom of extinction and rebirth.

  21. Apartment Yawn

    she couldn’t stand any type of movement.