Issue No. 2

Released / February 2016

inside the womb, everything is black & animalistic. everything a fist thrusting me forward. remove me, i remember thinking, take me now seattle.

Excerpt taken from ‘Something Hominal’ by Luther Hughes.

  1. Guide to Returning

    Remember to ground the self in running water.

  2. Space Oddities

    The vastness of the universe struck me.

  3. The hunted, circa The Golden Age

    Collarbones similar to antlers.

  4. A Favorite Room

    Intricate, delicate, somehow not an ounce of tragic.

  5. An Interview with

    A city is a vertical space.

  6. Nothing is Left

    I am the door you open on your way to other places.

  7. Something Hominal

    I’m young & already fiending for the body.

  8. Cycles

    In another life the word girl is seven kinds of ghosting.

  9. The Long Way Round

    To foster the seeds that might one day flower.

  10. The Photography of

    Every place has so much character.

  11. West Bengal, to North Pacific

    We are the night, rainfall and starlight revolutions.

  12. Infinity in a Dandelion

    To be an artist is to go on a parabolic journey.

  13. Lull

    Half of what belongs to you : the rain.

  14. Moonwalking in Suburbia

    For him there would be no half-measures.

  15. Three Little Words

    How they spread seed over prairies and mountains.

  16. One Day in the Life of

    Fiction is tricky but poetry still slips into it.

  17. Cherry Blossoms

    She hands me cherry blossoms in the shape of defiance.

  18. Alpine Border Patrol

    There he lifted my body and bled it.