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Feature / Rie Miyoshi

Born in Malaysia and raised in Japan, Rie Miyoshi returned to Tokyo in 2014 after graduating from university in Hawai‘i. She works in the outdoor and travel industry as part of Outdoor Japan Media while freelancing as a graphic designer, translator and photographer. When she's not working on her latest articles or editing photos, you'll find her outside exploring Japan’s trails and beaches, traveling or looking out for good food and music.

wildness / Who or what are your main influences?

The contrast of the urban city vs. rural mountains and contemporary culture vs. traditional Japan never ceases to intrigue me. Japan is a dynamic country—parts of it are constantly evolving, others are at a standstill—and holds countless untold stories that I want to share through my work. Every place has so much character that it’s impossible for me to capture in a single shot, which led to my multiple exposure series.

I had actually stopped shooting for a while after being burnt out at a previous gig. In 2014, I moved back to Japan where I’m originally from, started working in outdoor and travel journalism, and re-explored this country I thought I knew so well. There’s nothing like living abroad to make you really appreciate home.

Japan as a prime visitor destination has countless attractions that have been photographed for decades. Wanting to create something original instead of simply producing a digital copy of what I see everyday, I started shooting again to share stories while asking myself, “How can I photograph this scene in a way that hasn't been captured before?”

While Tokyo’s sprawling cityscapes are amazing, I’m most inspired by God’s nature. I love hiking, running, and swimming, and will take any opportunity to go outside. Japan’s outdoor field is seriously underrated and I hope that through my photos, people can see how much more there is to this country.

wildness / What does a typical day look like for you?

My day starts off with a sunrise jog while the rest of the city’s just waking up, then a quick work-out at home followed by a big breakfast (which probably cancels out the calories I just burned) while reading and catching up on the news.

Aside from being a freelance photographer and designer, I work for Outdoor Japan Media, an outdoor lifestyle publication/creative media company. So after breakfast, my day really depends on whatever project is going on at that moment—whether it's travel writing, working on a photography or graphic design project, handling marketing, meeting with clients in Tokyo or coordinating a video shoot.

In the evening, I’m either checking out events or preparing dinner at home and relaxing with wine, cheese, and a good book, my guitar, or Hulu with my roommate.

wildness / What are you currently working on?

I’ve been working on a new multiple exposure series that marry landscapes with portraits featuring Japan’s diversity. It’s going to take some time but looking forward to the results! With photography, I’ve found the best ideas come when you just wing it. It’s all about reacting quickly with your lens when something happens and having fun being in the moment. So who knows? Maybe I will be working on a new photo project tomorrow!

Rie Miyoshi is a Japan-based photographer, whose work has appeared in Spoon & Tamago, DesignTaxi and Tokyo Weekender. She currently works for Outdoor Japan Media.