Issue No. 3

Released / April 2016

I still don’t know if I’m made for water, made of thoughts, or thoughtlessness, to drift—where? […] Nature loves reversals.

Excerpt taken from ‘Two Leaves’ by Marco Yan.

  1. I Want You Back

    Aren’t we all callow fakes performing our brokenness.

  2. Elegant Trogon

    Whatever’s under my skin feels empty.

  3. Whidbey Island

    The house offers its quiet & its mercy.

  4. your hands are graceless

    To decide beginnings when we are always ending.

  5. Knowing Good & Well

    Deep breath is rationed in short changed currency.

  6. Insomniac in Love

    I can almost see your whole body in the dark.

  7. Lower Pennsylvania Myths

    The cities refound their corridors.

  8. One Day in the Life of

    I write as a means of preventing my own destruction.

  9. Tension

    The pull between chaos & form.

  10. An Interview with

    Even now, I have lucid visual memories.

  11. The Boar I Bled

    I do not believe the moon follows me.

  12. Three Little Words

    To swallow it whole until my insides glow.

  13. Runways

    Wisdom, like the sky, is just how vastness appears.

  14. Two Poems

    Small slip of suburban afternoon will empty of noise.

  15. The Art of

    I see so much beauty in those ephemeral moments.

  16. Grief as Mythos

    The stories of her I couldn’t collect, are lost to me now.

  17. this. is everything.

    How to be looked at by looking.

  18. Two Leaves

    I still don’t know if I’m made for water.