Issue No. 4

Released / June 2016

When the sound of Jays on concrete makes a sob crawl up your throat, finger the nylon like prayer beads. Recite his middle name until it sounds like a chant.

Excerpt taken from ‘Mourning Rites’ by Simone John.

  1. Untitled

    After we were cloned, I felt the many parts breathe.

  2. One Day in the Life of

    I think I’m a natural cat.

  3. Two Poems

    Dearest, I’ll go anywhere that memory can’t find me.

  4. An Interview with

    A question is an acknowledgement of the unknown.

  5. Subtropical Port Cities

    I learned to fear the things more lovely than me.

  6. Scorched Earth

    The body and the space it occupied: dispersed.

  7. The Waiting Room

    A bare-throated finch trying to fill the desert clefs.

  8. Two Poems

    Cut the net from the rim and place it in your purse.

  9. Three Little Words

    They are the flow of the sea and they sail at will.

  10. Orchid Corners

    This is snow. This is how an owl curves.

  11. dear son/daughter

    I try to protect you from the world’s inevitable sting.

  12. Sweet Slid into Snow

    A bloom blister of mother & swollen mosquito cheek.

  13. we were not anatomical

    Friends who breathed in ageless dispositions.

  14. The Truth About Distance

    I am missing nothing.

  15. Little Birds

    Un-nameable things, which must, however, be named.

  16. In the Antarctic Circle

    Our pleasure shivers toward the cluttered sea.

  17. Two Poems

    It is a terrible thing to assume creation.

  18. The Art of

    I get inspired by working in our vegetable garden.