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Feature / Lieke van der Vorst

When she started liekeland in 2011, Lieke van der Vorst couldn’t have expected the strong fascination she would generate with her playful, dream-like illustrations. An environmentally conscious artist, she ensures that all her wares are sourced through sustainable means—Arctic Paper from Sweden and firm organic cotton bags (from Fairtrade-approved factories) are both strewn across her workspace. We think you’ll love her work as much as we do.

wildness / Who or what are your main influences?

Food, animals and people who are close to me, I truly get inspired by working in our vegetable garden.

Preparing food for my friends and family and seeing how our cat sleeps. Also good documentaries about our food industry and communities living together and being independent.

I love good cookbooks with healthy recipes and cooking programs on television.

wildness / What does a typical day look like for you?

Normally when I wake up I make some tea and start with answering my emails, give food to our cat and make some packages.

I would love to do yoga every morning, but at this moment I’m not that disciplined. I love to illustrate from midday till the evening.

wildness / What are you currently working on?

Well, at the end of this month my boyfriend, Dave Hakkens, and I will leave the Netherlands to travel for half a year through Asia, so I am finishing all my projects at the moment, and there are a lot of little things I’m working on.

Lieke van der Vorst founded her artistic persona, liekeland, in the Summer of 2011 after completing her studies at St. Joost Academy of Art & Design. Since then, she has continued to exhibit throughout northern Europe, and is currently touring Asia for more inspiration.