Issue No. 5

Released / August 2016

Don't graze the embankment walls that hold the monsoon river from flooding the rice fields. When you pass a length of river with no birds, move faster.

Excerpt taken from ‘Boatman addresses the poet’ by Urvashi Bahuguna.

  1. Boatman addresses the poet

    But nothing belonging to water ever stills.

  2. One Day in the Life of

    We’re trying to become, steadily and with focus.

  3. Rabbit or the Wheel

    Ripping the sky open for a cataclysm of rain.

  4. The Magic That Lives

    To hold my bones as I think they should.

  5. The Field of Cattle

    All the starlings in the forest take flight.

  6. Poems & An Interview with

    One amber blink into the night sky. I am here.

  7. A People’s History …

    There is no mythic memory you can transcribe.

  8. Three Little Words

    In the emptiness of dust and bones.

  9. Materia VII

    The shadow of a wild horse in the wheatgrass.

  10. Moments fade …

    Each gold blade building the appearance of things.

  11. Sagittarius

    The heat will happen somewhere around here.

  12. Walk the Blue Fields

    Leave the upstairs window, descend the staircase.

  13. Two Poems

    Her book cover became my mirror.

  14. Absence Makes

    I forget not to want to touch farmtans in bloom.

  15. Two Poems

    The night lies just like the rest of us.

  16. Two Poems

    To hold my bones as I think they should.

  17. Fire

    This is the foundation, the little things.

  18. The Art of

    I am inspired by Indian miniature paintings.