Three Little Words

Feature / Claudia D. Hernández

Border On My Side (Frontera de mi lado)

We walked the storm
with melted feet

chatting in
s l o w m o t i o n ,

our viscid

with thirst.

burnt gazes

a f r a i d
to see the ghosts

in the darkness
of the path

in the emptiness
of dust and bones

until we
stumbled upon

the moist
lips of the river:

Rio Bravo
on my side,

Rio Grande
on your side.

No one
drank from

the muted

our bronzed flesh
kept us warm

as we floated
in the water

small boats


fresh water /
salted water

we disembarked on
the other side on time—

Your side.
My side.

Claudia D. Hernández was born and raised in Guatemala. She’s a photographer, poet, translator, and a bilingual educator residing in Los Angeles. She writes short stories, children’s stories, and poetry in Spanish, English, and sometimes weaves in Poqomchi, an indigenous language of her Mayan heritage. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University, Los Angeles. She is also the founder of the ongoing project: Today’s Revolutionary Women of Color.