Walk the Blue Fields

Poetry / Jeremiah Moriarty

Flame under flame, until the day ends. The cricket’s reverie impregnates sweet deliveries,

gullibly Thoreauvian amongst the green nostalgias, dewy and unreturned. Do not confuse the

red lines on the horizon with the reeds bending in my pupils. Out of focus, back inward. I need

you to understand how much this all matters to me. Sensitive branches, bequeathing every

lost season. Leave the upstairs window, descend the staircase. Follow a row along the shifting

brilliances. Out of focus, now zooming in. Barefoot. Leave it all behind, even a clean grace,

to walk the blue fields.

Jeremiah Moriarty’s poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Hobart, The Cortland Review, First Class, SOFTBLOW, and elsewhere. He was also a finalist for The Iowa Review Award in 2015. A graduate of Carleton College, he lives in Minnesota.