Issue No. 6

Released / October 2016

Before we left the house, our mothers should’ve warned us of mirrors paginated like bibles. […] We run for the exit, but we’re really running for the interior kingdom of fossils.

Excerpt taken from ‘Queerodactyl VI’ by Roy G. Guzmán.

  1. from immigrants

    The bone strokes my palm with leaves.

  2. Hide on you

    The buildings turn from red to orange to purple.

  3. Apodyopsis

    I pry open the horizon’s dark shell.

  4. An Interview with

    We’re succeeding. We’re certainly not finished.

  5. Requiem for the Northern Forest

    The hyacinth purples in the ice field.

  6. The Art of

    I am a sponge so I soak up everything that I can.

  7. transient

    Someday, the place we call home will be emptied.

  8. Two Poems

    She smeared her gloom on the outside walls.

  9. The Line You Approach Infinitely

    Each time close only half the distance.

  10. ‘This Quintessence of Dust’

    Cheer the beauty of retrograde motion.

  11. Three Little Words

    The reminder of a forest now abated.

  12. Hårb

    He will ask me about the red in the river of our name.

  13. Two Poems

    The bronze star points north but never resolves.

  14. Eight parts of crying on a bus

    Everybody wants a sea of their own.

  15. tree rot

    Ribs tucked between fragile leaf and unseeded fruit.

  16. Lacrimae

    The children’s atlas is all simulacra.

  17. One Day in the Life of

    Art is so often undermined as labor.

  18. Disorienteering

    Like snow in the hot desert sun.