Issue No. 7

Released / January 2017

My sense of the universe is a secret as much as it is a threat. I lock eyes with strangers, their faces a green flash, a series of accidents.

Excerpt taken from ‘Planet Nine’ by Natalie Eilbert.

  1. Two Pieces

    I was a child. I didn’t need to know.

  2. Perseids, 2016

    The scripted sky, a leftover light.

  3. If That Burns a Bridge …

    Every emotion slows through winter.

  4. Stepping Over My Shadow …

    Under the surface of the words we form.

  5. after Pilgrim

    There’s a sense here anything can happen.

  6. Two Poems

    There is beauty between the feathers of a bird.

  7. Mangroves / Sea Cow’s Bay

    The mangrove’s roots rise like reaching arms.

  8. The Girl (…) Runs Away

    Her song sounds like the one you taught her.

  9. The Color of a Bolivar

    It simply felt like a reminder of the injustice.

  10. A kind of wildness descends …

    Make of me your groveling tongue.

  11. My Grandfather Visits Pyongyang

    In some perspectives he’s already gone.

  12. Caveat Spectator

    What we didn’t know: how it felt to be rescued.

  13. Refuge

    Made of seams and a succession of hungers.

  14. Two Poems

    I called it a type of freedom.

  15. An Interview with

    I can’t imagine feeling satisfied, for better or worse.

  16. To Be a Woman on a Train

    I wanted to know that I could protect.

  17. conjuring anew

    You thought then you knew the cold.

  18. Deputy on a Texas Prairie

    He gunned down our violet stars.

  19. Two Poems

    Tell me about the momentum behind motives.

  20. 11/9/16

    I wonder if when the world ends, I’d rather be alone.

  21. Panther Gets Loose

    The panther liberated himself.