Poetry / Alexander McCoy

Morning. The neighbor’s tree looms
above the open porch deck, sun

shining its leaves like music
through a bell, singing gold
into its mouth, arcing low, until red
                                        dusk approaches, restless,

relentless, whittling October into almost nothing, swallowing
porch, and of course

the tree, resembling, more and more, a three-story
heart, pumping a few last riplets
of fire through its chambers.

As the last, low embers of cigarette ash tumble
skyward, perched, alone, a thought overcomes me,

is the distance between a thing
and itself.           And the music grows
                                  softer, still.

Alexander McCoy is an actor and writer living in Boston. He is two years out of Clark University where he earned his undergraduate degree in Theater Arts, and where he got his start as a writer and performer of slam poetry. He now regularly performs open mic poetry at The Cantab, The Lizard Lounge, as well as The Dirty Gerund in Worcester.