Issue No. 9

Released / July 2017

And we know Ascension is this: the breaking of day around us, pulsing the way a new heart might pulse—or pivot on its transatlantic axis.

Excerpt taken from ‘Ode to an Aviatrix’ by Bethany Carlson.

  1. Two Poems

    you say to yourself that was then.

  2. The View from My Mother’s Window

    I didn’t want to drape myself in mourning black.

  3. Theory on Giving Myself Away

    My face is made of watercolor.

  4. Away

    the integrity of a long absence.

  5. Ode to an Aviatrix

    pulsing the way a new heart might pulse.

  6. What the water took

    It felt good to say we missed him.

  7. My Breath is Black

    Why am I running if not for my life?

  8. Green Thumbed

    whole kingdoms planted in their backyards.

  9. Stillbirth, Yemoja

    I spill myself and come unstuck.

  10. aurora

    His feathers crimson-soaked in sunrise.

  11. Hex for Home Coming Queen

    The implement by which you are measured.

  12. Leftover

    As if to say, I too can change.

  13. How to Drown

    chasing nothing but what she left behind.

  14. Gifts

    I could split the binding open easily.

  15. 13 Views from an Airport

    driving in its shadow along the unfurling highway.

  16. Looking for Squirrels, a Love Note

    their absence creating a lingering magic.

  17. Undertow

    I paddle through the rest of the day.

  18. Two Poems

    The dream thickened and dropped where it rotted.

  19. Ghostrise

    ghosts mistaking my hand for veins.

  20. Two Poems

    shape of the eyes, folds of a mouth.

  21. An Interview with

    Their voices needed to be distinct.