Our mission

— established 2015

wildness wants work that lingers just out of reach—we want to follow you into the blue that’s nestled inside your dreams.

We wanted to start this by giving it a name. We wanted to open the map and call it something. But the trees have been rooted for years, and maybe the rivers; maybe even the smallest of creatures already know what we don’t. So really, we want to name this something only we understand.

But in this understanding, there is uncertainty, because there is no way to explain what any of us truly want. Only we know what it is that makes us ache, and what we want to include as part of this thing—this collection we’re curating. So when people ask for a theme, or wonder why they’ve been rejected, it’s not necessarily the work, it’s that we know what we want but we can’t explain it, so we can’t ask you for it. All we ask is that you read what we publish and keep on sending in your work. Sometimes it won’t be accepted, sometimes it will be similar to twenty other pieces we’ve published and it still won’t be accepted (humans are like that) but that shouldn’t deter you.

So we will say this: the wildness we seek—we meaning us, us meaning bird and sky—is fierce and panting. It’s coming for us all in ways we can’t imagine. But when the bare bones are laid, the sharp teeth gritted, we’ll see what we’ve always known: the wildness lives inside of you.

wildness was founded by Michelle Tudor and Peter Barnfather, and operates as an imprint of Platypus Press.

We were honoured when wildness was featured by Poets & Writers in their Nine New Lit Mags You Need to Read feature (October 2016), mentioning that “Wildness features formally inventive work by both established and emerging writers that embraces the mysteries of the self and the outside world.” wildness (alongside Platypus) was also listed on Entropy Magazine’s Best of 2017, in their presses, magazines, publishers and journals category.

We have also answered questions about the journal (and press) at some great places, including the Poetry Society of America’s Site Visits section, Moveable Type in AWP Writer, the Small Press Interview series from Entropy, as well as the Chicago Review of BooksDear Poetry Editor section.

Work published in wildness has been featured in Best of the Net, The Best Small Fictions and Bettering American Poetry, as well as on multiple occasions in Verse Daily’s Web Weekly feature.

You can find wildness listed on Duotrope, Poets & Writers, and CLMP.