Theorizing The Web by TTW

— Melissa Mesku

Theorizing The Web is a conference currently on at The Museum of the Moving Image in NYC. Now in its eighth year, the conference is the only of its kind dedicated to emerging questions about the role and impact of the internet on society. Far from the staid approach of armchair philosophers and experts, the conference hosts talks and panels from a wide range of voices, and focuses on questions of power, social (in)equality, and justice. Perhaps most radically, the whole thing is live streamed and anyone can drop in and watch for free. Among the topics covered today, Saturday April 28:

From court sentencing to credit worthiness, artificial intelligence is being asked to address society’s toughest and most complicated questions. Such systems may be good at making decisions efficiently, but this doesn't mean they are making the world more just.

Technology is not merely a conveyance for fully formed ideas. We often think with and through our devices to start to arrive at unanticipated conclusions.

No tech platform can solve how communication and emotions are fraught with contradiction and confusion. As machines start to speak the language of affect, how will these contradictions intensify?

The conference is being livestreamed thanks to the New York Chapter of the Internet Society.

Theorizing The Web