Alpine Border Patrol

— Naima Yael Woods

I said no and instantly became                                                                   wild to him

just peel               and my rub raw                         brown

                                                                                        Look:                           I’ve seen the tapes

and also                             what they miss

                                                                                                                                    there he put his hands on my shoulders and pushed there his elbow hugged around my neck there he lifted my body and bled it there he told my face to find wall there he unlocked his handcuffs and licked his teeth and dripped his tobacco-puce saliva

                                                                      then it was

do you feel I asked                                 feel       I asked                                 do       you

                                                                                                              my       human       weight

                                                on the under                               lit summit

moving like the live thing that it was the live thing that screamed and snot and left him with chunks of skin like a snake being molted and I said who has the


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