Dear Archon [birthplace]

— Kimberly Alidio

birthplace           Susquehannock hunting ground seized in the war
mirrored organs               left and right

molecular inversion of alien and honey      duckface under crown of yellow iris
flutters a siren call of eyelashes     palm winking hello Bill Nye

born overpopulated with eggs                     into rhythmic rupture release breakdown
in the former plantation surrounding the port city

fatally shoot a man           who allegedly robbed a Wells Fargo
late summer killing of Korryn Gaines

aerial surveillance             maced 15-year-old on a bike

squat atop our shipped                    hollowed keening diaspora
dead-ends Magellan          riding an ecstatic banana seat

unpatterning & unexpectation       secretions via river and stream
spikes and falls                  sick on sea-swells

post-industrial hometown off-gasses           steel and sugar
spreads deserts                  raises seas            holocene extinction

Lenni-Lenape burial site                Seven Oaks         part of an estate
no oak trees left                moveable sacs and crystals

obscure genetic hard pellets           Deren as Rainbow Brite
Mendieta leveling up in sacred Atari

planets kneecaps or serenades to the maidenhead

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