Histogram of the Moments You Were Alive

— Noah Falck

Take a deep breath. Find beauty in the bar graph. In the nerves of a river bending. The rodents now silenced in the walls of the house where you grew up. Remember the chapter trying to cancel the world. The one trying to save it. Scroll through the times in which we live. The intervals of hysteria when all the art is quiet. You know the story: Vandalism in the venn diagram; Wind in a valley filled with the same feeling of what dynamite does to buildings; And how ghosts interpret our lives the same as machines. So it goes. Time’s an ocean’s worth of downed power lines over a field of sleeping deer. A bonfire left alone for an entire season, blurring a ratio of color into the aftermath. Into the day. Ambushed myths smothered like clouds in a retelling of the sky. There’s something missing. Let’s say it’s the night with an endless vocabulary of darkness.

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