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mantra for when it’s dark

— Kevin Coval

we are an anxious nation
nerves shot and strung

conductors of songs
we haven’t sung
played by orchestrators
whose intent is to serve
the i of the one

but we are the many
way before grid
and cell tower

we are cellular

listen to us
at our best

we are resistors, persistors
all trying in the face of certain night

sisyphean, keeps us spinning
aspiring             the magic we make
can be seen on the daily
if we look
if we slow
if we are gentle
with ourselves
with one another

the sky is reflective
in the oceans and lakes
the great mirror
we raise to each other

a museum that lives
each time we step
outside and walk
quiet, eyes open
to witness, to give it
another go, another day

one way or another
liberation is soon

the fright, the moon
and we are like the sun

we rise
we rise
we rise

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