— Livia Meneghin

I wish to see the sunflowers turn at dawn, hear the cicadas

and toads hiding in tidal pools, all singing for you, of you.

I long for the orange tree’s perfume in your hair. I need

the whispering, wild vanilla to wrest my fever away,

to sweat out the kilometers between me and marble.

I crave the Mediterranean: salt on your collarbone, adorning

your skin, dulcet and dolcetto. I desire more than autumn

in New York has to offer—raspberries by the river to dye

my mournings and nights. I tear into freshwater, chasing

your reflection. I cannot hear the pine needles rasp. I dream

of your velvet affection as a doe stands on the bank, watching,

in silence. She leaves me behind as I scour my body

with handfuls of fruit. Stems of ungifted roses float out

of reach, past other lassoed deer like me, now drowning.

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