On a Day I Pass Another 100 Year Old White Man a Black Man Is Pronounced Dead at 54

— Darius Simpson

for Michael K. Williams

and i want to say i am tired of this song
what i mean is how we die but hardly live
how we have to find our own heavens down here
how the heights hardly compare to the lows
how hell come at birth and don’t leave without a fight
and maybe that’s where we get the groove from
shit after a while fightin for your life becomes a rhythm
and who among us aint got some demons need shakin loose
heard that boy smooth shimmied his way right on into the next plane
heard he ain’t miss a beat nor slide nor stride nor step nor breath
heard when he got where he was goin he just kept on movin
heard the spirits knew him by his bones
heard they recognized the twist of his spine
heard they was missin the crinkle of his brow
heard he’d been there before
heard it was his first time here though
heard they had a plate warm just for him
heard it was so good he took one bite
and just kept on dancin.

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