Rivers & Reservoirs

— Joanna Doxey

On a day like today I can believe the wind moves the land

                        Horses sit down
                        in the face of it            The cattle across the street—

      I want to believe in time and these waves

The water low in the reservoir
is at least ice today. Watch the wind there      watch the tall grasses—

I want to believe that crying holds a purpose outside of this poem.      That I can
flip back & forth between the AM country radio station
and NPR’s news of another grieving mother and both waves can be true. I want to believe
this time isn’t irrelevant      the water will rise      days will grow longer

I will live to see mountains grow again

I will mother            the ice

The ice will move and that’s why we love that Joni Mitchell song—for the wishes

that aren’t really wishes            there’s wind in that song too

            such movement—

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