Ballad of the Peach Tree

— Jasmine Gui

Receive the strange as it pushes up into your toes. Anticipate the barren. Dream of longing and wake to silent water below, carrying song you hear once then forget. Peel off skin like old bark. Shake off history like shrivelled fruit. Unadorn so as to shoulder the new. Rustle your limbs and deliver relief with grace. There will always be deeper water. There will always be more sky. Remain steadfast however weathered. Be recklessly laden even when on the verge of imminent scattering. Kneel recklessly and rise tomorrow. Grow loose and hard with no consistency. Bend under all your weight. Blunt your edges irregularly. Spread earnest and slow. Abundance demands the whole earth to bloom from. But first, plateau without promise. Explode with no precedent. Spill over. Fruit and fall, fall, fall. A cloud of sweet self in a field of mossy rock. This is all too much. You have known too little. You must wish for all at once.

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