we were not anatomical

— meryem nuh

dancing     arum lily     turned     in
his     rich     gold     swathed     mouth
chewed     and     cursed
among     a     company     of     friends     who     breathed     in
ageless     dispositions.
                                                drugs dissolving in carbon air.
time     h a s s t r e t c h e d l o n g e r     since i broke
citrus juice into the belly of my palm in your bed two dawns and
an unremembered mist of forever ago.

la. ana la urid ay.

my hair a climbing bronze crown
of vines on a white wall       your back like a sheen of sweat over
civilization       my bombed train of thought like an
apology written over skeleton leaf       your moan like crushed crisp
white shirt hanging on a tight breast       we were like a photograph that questioned
the presence of god in history       amethyst is stuck in my throat.

my feet make stampedes in crowds of roses strewn across the pavement.

i find myself praying sometimes
in bold and tender seconds
you must take the maroon curtains with you.

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