The Giant Learns to Float

— Su Cho

After no one could prop up her lower back, be unafraid, after she dipped her toes to test the temperature and the water sloshed out the lake and everyone fled. After she decided to go somewhere bigger that can contain her, she finds a cold salty body that will only shudder with her entrance. She dips her soles then toes but sinks down until the water laps against her neck. Her whole body pulses and her blood thrums, a heat from being held. A heat that makes her close her eyes, relax her shoulders. Feet lift off the rocky bottom, arms stretch brushing her ears, as if telling all the creatures that are surely as big as her in the ocean to come here. The pulsing concentrates in her chest against the rocking water. She dispatches waves against her beacon heart pounding come here come here   come     here.

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