— Sanjana Bijlani

Sometimes all you need is a field. The possibility of being
seen & unnoticed in a river of wheat. Limbless. Loneliness
a state of awe & expansion. Colors don’t matter; everything
is dying. There isn’t a season that can save us. There are still
days when colors make you want to kiss someone newer than
the newest person who you want to tell about this kind of day.
When your heads lean closer together to watch the video you
took of leaves shaking like glass bangles on an elfin wrist, don’t
worry about the rest: old Hindi songs, sipping cold badam milk
on the drive back, unvoiced hope of one day knowing how to
carry this feeling past its own ending. The trick is to stop
when you start. Leave the questions out of frame. Who cares
if no one else sees this? Who said your wonder wasn’t enough for
this planet? Take my advice. Find a field. It doesn’t have to be real.

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