What are Nerves

— Joanna Doxey

but all of my lungs

& mouth—

               how I feel the world

& wind                                   this wind

To exist in a wail               uncertain

empty spoon

                                                       hollowed tongue

               & wind

                                   A valley echoes the house     suggests mountains

     wrack the nerves                                        as soft things pierce

and shape the contours of sky

                                                       my homing valley

Not cracking ice but a pasteured sigh made of sighs

                                                                      & soil          & afar

Inside the house I make graphs of wind:                         measure my worry

measure & worry                    over time                         collect

               & disperse history               & sound

A valley echoes mountains

               how there is no totality of sleep                    & sound

How it starts—

How it enters dreams

                              in eroded sight and mouth and song


                              I hear you I hear I count

I try

to keep the body upright
to keep the earth
& over time

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