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Journal Editors

Michelle Tudor is a writer and editor from England. She currently serves as the editor of Platypus Press and wildness.

Peter Barnfather is an art director, publisher, & freelance book designer.


With thanks to the people who have made the Wilds and The Weekend Review possible: Terry Abrahams, Reneé Bibby, Joyce Chong, Hannah Cohen, Lyrik Courtney, Alexandra d’Abbadie, jayy dodd, Philippe Pamela Dungao, Logan February, Andrew Sargus Klein, Xandria Phillips , Ilana Masad, Melissa Mesku, Nicholas Nichols, Ariel Saramandi, Joy Shan, Nix Thérèse, and Yael van der Wouden.

The Weekend Review and the Wilds are on hiatus through 2019.