‘A Correspondence Between Laura and Dale, 1989’ by Kolleen Carney​​

— Hannah Cohen

Will you think about me
when you’re wide eyed and unknowing

A short-lived tv show with an amazing revival series, Twin Peaks reigns supreme in the world of pop culture. The story of the strange events in a Pacific Northwestern town inspired countless tv shows, movies, books, and now this poem by Kolleen Carney Hoepfner. I admit that I loved reading this poem not only for its subject matter, but for its lyrical sound and beauty. You can even hear the soft echoes and repetition that encapsulates the show’s atmosphere, such as in this stanza:

and remember my name           like a dream
where nothing makes sense       but in a way does           in a dream way
When it is in our house again will you scream

You don’t need to watch Twin Peaks to feel the connection in lines such as “[w]hat does it mean when we emerge together / with twigs in our hair and mouths” or understand “the rush of stars”. To emphasize this dimensional connection is the number of times hands are mentioned throughout the poem: “[y]our hand is gentle”, “[y]our warm hand”, “hold my hand”—a simple act of hand holding means so much to the speaker. For this poem, all you need is an open mind under “the void and cloudless sky”.