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‘Trans and GNC Poets’ by Noah Baldino

— Andrew Sargus Klein

What has been implicit is now grossly explicit. What has been explicit is now taking the form of concrete policy.

The Trump Administration wants to obliterate equal protections for trans people via a reinterpretation of Title IX. There is no room for surprise and shock. Everyday affirms the reality that the US government is overtly furthering an agenda of white supremacy, misogyny, transphobia, and nearly every other bigotry under the sun.

It can seem futile to share beautiful words in these moments. The impulse toward anger is a true one, as is the need for joy. Noah Baldino put together a thread of poetry by trans people that, in their words: “have built and continue to build the world i want to live in.” Be with these poems, then work to bring to life the world they’re building.