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‘Omosede’ by Taiye Idahor

— Nix Thérèse

Taiye Idahor’s collages are skilled studies of whitespace where the physical body is illuminated more than erased through adornment. Nigerian beading loops around chest, shoulders, visage and neck, to clue us into how each figure would be portrayed—most face-on, but some shifting to the side. Hair twists outward with wrapped braids and intricate ending configurations; from afar, they mirror sprawling trees, but a quick zoom in will reveal a texture closer to balled spider nests and lace. One of my personal faves is ‘Omosede’ where the beading also flits into haircoils, and the strength of the stance shines in the frame. My eye slides around and off the loop forming this profile of face, a touch that can’t linger too long. The mix of the painstakingly delicate with the more solid bead and braid has me both reaching and shying away from contact, but the bodily impulse to intimately know these patterns (static, yet brought to life by our gaze) is clearly felt.

Taiye Idahor @ Tyburn Gallery