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‘Ted Cruz Stares down the Possum on His Back Porch’ by Kristin Anderson

— Reneé Bibby

By a slim margin, Ted Cruz retained his Senate seat for Texas. This is surprising, given how he can barely stare down a possum on his back porch. Is the possum the people of Texas who want to push their state toward progressive policies? Is the possum the president, grossly discomfiting, scaring Cruz enough to stay inside behind the glass of party lines? Is the possum his own gross conscience seeking a reckoning? Is the possum all his slimy deeds embodied, a weird unsettling creature that lives on the grubs in the decaying mulch? Is the possum just a possum, a little creature of the ecosystem that no more deserves his fear or derision than any other creature on the planet? The possum is multitudes. The possum is on his porch and Cruz plans to call an exterminator to do some dirty work instead of making peace. It should be another great six years for the possums of Texas.

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