Issue No. 8

Released / April 2017

How often our own dreams struggle against gravity. I imagined the man who’ll clean the park in the morning collecting scraps of paper out of which he invents the story of his life.

Excerpt taken from ‘The Secrets of Imagination’ by Richard Jackson.

  1. Two Poems

    The world drops off in all directions.

  2. The Giant Learns to Float

    She dispatches waves against her beacon heart.

  3. Two Poems

    I have pre-dawn with the mountains.

  4. The Art of Yearning

    I conjure a second person to share in my fate.

  5. Alaskan Salt

    I am wild because the land is wild.

  6. [ Q & A ]

    Remember, our tongues are bullets.

  7. out of sight

    i suffer quiet to keep the suffering small.

  8. Two Poems

    If only the day delivered on its promises.

  9. Two Pieces

    I read the constant change in terrain.

  10. Two Poems

    Spring is the cliché we love.

  11. Two Poems

    my hands are heavy with having.

  12. Redshift

    whittling October into almost nothing.

  13. Two Poems

    your body breaches at the point of jumping off.

  14. A Reverent Green

    A sense of that color has spread everywhere.

  15. All my loves

    it is best to edit what you remember.

  16. An Interview with

    we sometimes lack distance and hindsight.

  17. A Poem & Five Questions with

    I’ve forgotten what I did or didn’t do.

  18. Another Confession

    like ghosts unable to confess their sins.

  19. Days

    My mother did not tell me stories.

  20. Two Poems & Five Questions with

    I am talking about the end of love.

  21. Lone, Lonely Town

    looking out over the glittering city.